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Privacy Policy

Personal information collected by PCRM, the PCRM Foundation, and/or The Cancer Project may include an individual's name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, and any additional information a member or supporter wishes to provide. All information is kept in a secure database protected by reasonable network security.

This information may be reviewed, updated, or deleted by contacting membership@pcrm.org or 202-686-2210, ext. 304. While PCRM and its affiliated organizations do periodically exchange or rent membership lists to other organizations with similar goals, the traded data only includes names and addresses.

E-mail addresses and phone number are never exchanged. Furthermore, anyone may opt out of all address trades by contacting PCRM's membership department at membership@pcrm.org, 202-686-2210, ext. 304, or by submitting a request in writing to PCRM's office.

Attn: Membership Department
5100 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, Suite 400
Washington, D.C. 20016


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"A fad-free approach to long-term weight loss is best, and that means
a diet rich in fruits, vegetables,
and whole grains."

—Jen Keller, R.D.

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